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Community Development and Action International (CODA), in collaboration with TALC (Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign) a leading Zambian HIV organisation ...

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Girls genital mutilation


Although genital mutilation is illegal in Kenya, it is widely practiced within the Maasai community as a rite of passage into maturity for women. At times this occurs as early as when girls are 9 years old.

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How we work

CODA International works in partnership with civil society organisations from Latin America, Southern Africa and the Middle East. Our aim is to strengthen the programming and lobbying capacity of community based organisations and that of their members.

Core Values

 Welcome to CODA International

Welcome to the CODA International website. We are a UK-based international development organisation working to reduce poverty and injustice in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

We believe that social justice is not achieved when structures are imposed from outside, but when local communities provide initiatives for themselves.

Though CODA provides organisations with the resources they need to upgrade skills and gain access to technology and information, we believe that it is only by making communities responsible for the process of decision-making and implementation that development becomes structural and sustainable.